For most women, makeup is an automatic process, an everyday process. But many female representatives do not even suspect that incorrectly made makeup will not emphasize, but rather hide their advantages.

Therefore, you need to know the basic rules of makeup.

Minor errors, such as blurry shadows or crumbled mascara, can be easily fixed. And if the makeup was applied completely incorrectly, you can’t fix anything here – you need to rinse and apply everything again.

One of the most common mistakes is incorrect application of the tonal base. Thickly applied foundation makes the face look like a mask. Correctly applied foundation should not be visible on the face, but at the same time, successfully mask all imperfections.

Rules for applying foundation:

  • Before applying the tonal foundation, be sure to clean your skin;
  • When applying foundation, smooth the edges so that no borders are visible;
  • The face should not differ in color from the neck;
  • Skin color and tonal foundation should match. Shades that differ from skin color can be used only when it is necessary to shade certain parts of the face;

Do not apply too thick a layer of cream. The next step, as a rule, are blush and powder. The most common mistake is parts of the makeup can be bright scarlet cheeks and a large amount of powder. Bright blushes age, and a lot of powder makes the skin dry.

Rules for applying blush and powder:

  • The color of the powder should be selected depending on the skin tone;
  • Do not apply too much powder. And it is better to limit yourself only to those areas in which a greasy shine is visible;
  • Do not apply powder to areas around the eyes;
  • Try to apply blush evenly. For this, it is worth using friable blush and a wide brush;

No need to abuse blush – cheeks should look natural. An important mistake is incorrect eye makeup.

Usually, this is the wrong selection of color shadows.

When applying eye makeup, remember:

  • Shadows should match eye color. But this does not mean that they must fully match the color of the iris, otherwise in this case a large color spot will appear instead of the eyes. The purpose of shadows is to emphasize the color of the eyes, and not to merge with it;
  • Shades of gray and blue can underline the circles under the eyes. This does not mean that you can’t use these colors, you just have to follow the measure and choose the right shade;

Eyeliner should be done completely, otherwise the eyes will appear smaller and the makeup will look unfinished. Common lip make-up mistakes include lipstick that is too bright.

When applying lip makeup, consider:

  • The color of the pencil should not be darker than the color of lipstick. On the contrary, light shades of the pencil will help to add volume to the lips;
  • The contour should be applied exactly along the natural border of the lips, and not behind it;

In the afternoon apply light colors of lipstick – dark lipstick will look vulgar and inappropriate.

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