Dead Doll Makeup

The eighth season begins with Grissom and his team searching for Sara, who was kidnapped by the miniature killer and left to die underneath a wrecked car in the middle of the desert during a storm. In the episode “Dead Doll”, Natalie Davis (the Miniature Killer) mostly sits in prison – except in the flashbacks. It shows Natalie using a taser on Sara and putting Sara in the trunk of her car. Sara escapes but Natalie catches her and drugs her, then puts her underneath a Red Mustang, like in the model. Sara wakes up under the car, but it starts to rain. She manages to pull her arm free and escapes from underneath the car. She starts to wander the desert with a mirror that she took from the car. At the end she collapses in the desert, but Nick and Sofia drive by where Sara is located, and Nick sees the sun reflecting off the mirror. He rushes to her and finds her without a pulse. A helicopter and medics come to take her to the hospital. Grissom insists that he goes with her. At the very end of the episode she opens her eyes, and looks at him.